Weight Loss And Fitness Through Walking

        Today at 61 I still maintain the 35 pound weight loss that I achieved at the age of 32 by walking. From my example, you will see that your fitness and weight loss goals can be achieved!

        At the age of 18 I got into weight training. Body building 45 minutes, 5 times a week was my fitness routine; however, at 30 I stopped all fitness exercise.

        My desire for weight loss came from viewing overweight images of myself on a video tape of my daughters birthday party.

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        Unhappy with my appearance, I began reading fitness magazines and learned that the quickest way to lose weight was to combine aerobic exercise with body building. After attempts at jogging and bicycling, I decided to try walking.

        Walking was natural and easy. My weight loss after my first week of walking for an hour a day was 5 pounds. Next, I changed my diet.

        At that time the low fat diet was the big craze. I went on a low fat diet and brought my caloric intake down from 5000 calories to 2500 calories a day.

        My final step was adding 30 minutes of body building and 7 minutes of stomach exercise to my hour of walking. On that fitness program my weight loss was an average of 3 pounds a week.

        I never stopped walking and have maintained my weight loss. My fitness routine today (2020) consists of 40-45 minutes of walking and 40-45 minutes of body building 5 to 6 times a week.

So the five main things I did was:

1) Educated myself on fitness by reading fitness magazines
2) Did an aerobic exercise (Walking)
3) Changed my diet (Low Fat diet and cut calories down)
4) Added body building
5) Made walking exercise a permanent part of my life

        My goal is to get you on the path to weight loss through the easy exercise of walking. The key is to walk at a fast but comfortable pace 45 to 60 minutes, 5 to 6 days a week, this will burn the fat of your body.

        Your walking can be done anywhere at anytime. The most important thing is to just do it! The crucial factor in any fitness or weight loss program is time and effort, so make walking a daily habit. Your reward will be a lifetime of successful weight loss management and fitness.

You should:

1) Start slowly, by walking 10 to 15 minutes then build up your time gradually each day until you are walking 45 to 60 minutes.
2) Do some stretching before and after you go walking, this will help your body warm up, cool down, and stay injury free.

        I do not dress a special way to go walking; however, you should wear comfortable clothing and a pair of sneakers or walking shoes.

        Also, it is important that you drink a sufficient amount of water before and after you go walking. If it is hot day carry a bottle of water with you.

        Because of the constantly changing diet trends, it will be up to you to research each diet and decide what diet plan will best suit your fitness needs; for me it is basically eating a balanced diet and keeping my calories around 2500. I found out that it really wasn't what I ate, but how many calories I consumed that made the difference.


2021 Update:

  At the age of 55 it was hard for me to keep weight off even though I was still walking and lifting weights , as we get older we have to watch what we eat for health reasons such as High Blood Pressure; we also have to watch the amount of calories we consume.

        As we get older, men lose testosterone which regulates fat distribution, muscle size, strength and sex drive ( women also have testosterone, but smaller amounts) and women between the ages of 45 and 55 have a drop in estrogen which helps regulate metabolism and body weight, that is why muscle/resistance training as we get older is just as important as aerobic/cardiovascular training (walking), So now in 2021, I do 35 minutes of walking and 35 minutes of weightlifting.

        If you have a friend, mate, or relative seeking weight loss ask them to be your walking partner. My hope is to see walking clubs all over this nation, groups of people walking together creating friendships, losing weight and maintaining weight loss.

        Do not get caught up in gimmicks being advertised everywhere that promise weight loss. Lose and maintain weight loss through regular exercise (walking).

        In no way, shape or form am I a fitness expert, I achieved weight loss and want to share that information with others seeking weight loss.

        Many resources are on the Internet with information on walking, nutrition, and body building; Just do a search using on of those keywords. Below are a few links that I think might be useful.

        All the best to you on your endeavor to be the best you, you can be.

Take care, be well, and Godbless
Marvin Gibbs

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